Thicket and Thistle
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The Murder Mystery Musical!


Six lousy actors find themselves working a dead-end contract on a bargain cruise line. As if the isolation and monotony weren't enough, they're also stuck with Renee: a tight-laced stage manager who's constantly breathing down their necks. One night, a strange accident nearly kills an actor on stage. With accusations flying and tensions flaring, these hapless players must band together to face a horror they never imagined- before their head shots end up on the evening news.



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Cruisical! has been in development since November of 2016. The show utilizes Thicket & Thistle's signature actor-musician dynamic and added in 3 more performers. It continues to rely on theater magic, using little to no props or costumes. 

It was performed as a full reading as part of Loading Dock Theater Company's Forklift Developmental Reading Series in April 2017, and a newly updated, 15-minute excerpt of the show was performed as part of New Light Theater Project's Darkroom 14 Developmental Series.

The show is now being developed as part of Access Theater's Residency Program.



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These are the folks that brought our most recent full-length reading to life:

Book by Thicket & Thistle

Music by Kyle Acheson, Sam De Roest & Lindsay Zaroogian

Lyrics by Kyle Acheson, Sam De Roest, Jonathan Eric Foster & Lindsay Zaroogian

Produced by Sarah George, Show Graphics/Intern: Emily Adar

Performed by

Kyle Acheson (Judson, guitar, piano) 
Marguerite Stern (Ruth, violin)
Sam De Roest (Dwayne, mandolin, guitar, bass)
Jonathan Eric Foster (Nate, ukelele, percusion)
Amanda Berry (Renee, percussion, glockenspiel)
Joshua Stenseth (Blaise, banjolele, bass)
Juliana Wheeler (Juliette, bass, banjo, guitar)
Lindsay Zaroogian (Bailey, piano, accordion)
Titus Tompkins (The Director, lead percussion)
Rita Posillico (saxophone)


Photos from Darkroom 14 at Access Theatre courtesy of Emily Adar and Ryan McGilloway