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Support Thicket & Thistle, a devising team actor-musicians, as they mount their 1st original musical, What's Your Wish?, off-Broadway at the New York Musical Festival this summer!

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Our crowdfunding campaign is complete and we raised nearly $7,862! 
That means with your incredible help we have raised 28,000 dollars! 

Thank you!

You can still give! We are still seeking $12,000 dollars to produce our Off Broadway Debut!


What’s Your Wish?  is an original folk-musical that was created collaboratively and is performed by the members of Thicket & Thistle. 
This January,  it was chosen out of hundreds of applications to receive a subsidized 5-performance run at the Acorn Theater in NYC as an Official Selection of the New York Musical Festival's Next Link Project. The New York Musical Festival is the premier musical theater event in the world. 

Until Showtime!

We have already raised about $18,000 with a budget in mind of $40,000. So far we have raised money by livestreaming the creation of a new musical over 24 hours, and hosting a fundraiser at Access Theater on May 12th (where we raised about $5000!) 
We are still far from our goal, but are extremely hopeful that this campaign will push us over the edge! 

What is your donation worth? Where will my money be going?

  • $10,000 - With this donation, you will be paying for almost all of our staffing. From our General Manager to our Designers and Director, this support will literally run the show!
  • $7,500 -  You will quite literally be supporting the artists that create this work! This is how much it will cost to pay our performers and stage manager for the duration of the rehearsal and performance process.
  • $5,000 -  Insurance, fees, taxes, accounting. This amount covers administrative costs that lurk behind the scenes.
  • $2,500 - Rehearsal Studio Rental, expenses and all costs related to the creative process leading up to NYMF!
  • $1,500 - Set, Props, Costumes, Sound and everything on stage. You will directly see where your support goes as you sit in our audience and take in the scenery!
  • $750 - This donation is music to our ears, quite literally. This amount will pay for sound equipment so our artists don’t have to worry if they sound great, they just need to do their thang!
  • $500 - Social Media, Postcards, Website updates, Programs and more. This amount covers a large amount of our promotional outreach to audiences!
  • $250 - This amount helps bring graphics, logos and art to life as we work to reach our audiences!
  • $100 - Back and forth and back again! During production our travel and hauling expenses will add up, and you will be helping us get from here to there!
  • $50 - Help give credit where credit is due. This donation will pay for a large portion of program insert printing, so our audiences know exactly who has worked so hard to bring the show to life!
  • $25 - One $25 donation will help us invite a member of the theater industry to our show. This is a crucial element to our future success and supports our production goals after NYMF!
  • In Kind Donations - have a van we could use for transportation? Or rehearsal space available for free? Goods and services could help us along the way and lower our expenses!